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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Jabbie Time Again!

How time flies! I just had my 1st yearly jab last Sunday. Daddy sent mommy and I to the clinic while he went to do some errands. Mommy said that she felt sooo embarassed having to deal with me coz I was behaving like a lunatic that day! She can't really blamed me coz I am a very friendly dog and I love meeting people! Anyway, I didn't really do anything loony that day, really. All I did was to "whine" desperately while jumping up and down when I saw some human beings walking into the clinic. I didn't think they felt offended though coz some of them actually were squealling with excitement when they saw me. I personally thought I looked kinda charming that day! But poor mommy had to carry me super tight to prevent me from rushing over and jumping over them. What a spoilsport mommy is... She said the next round (next year!), she must make sure that Daddy is around to control me. :( No fun......
Ooooh...grooming day tomorrow! Must make sure Mommy tell Ms.Groomer what cut I would like to have... Mommy said Chinese New Year is coming and I must look my very best! Will try to post some pictures of me, handsome and freshly groomed once Mommy is free... Cheerio!