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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Happy One-Year-Old, Jessie!

Today is Jessie's birthday! She is officially one-year old already! Woo-hoo! Mom will make us some feast tomorrow since she has just gotten back from her hometown today and is super busy unpacking and stuff.
Anyway, we found one of Jessie's old picture, taken on the first day she joined our family! She was about two months old then. How cute she used to be!!! Whenever mommy and daddy and I recall the day when she was still a puppy... we cringed! She was cute and all but she shrieked and cried a lot! I lost a lot of my quality sleep-time during those months! (Yeah, mommy and daddy too...) Now, she is just as obedient as I am. A little naughty and barky at times but still bearable! Phew!!
Anyway, Jessie, just wanna wish you a Happy Birthday and may your wish of jumping onto the comfy human-bed (when Mom and Dad are away) comes true...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Freshly Groomed Pictures

As promised, here are two pictures of me taken by mommy after my grooming last week. Ms. Groomer really took away lots of my fur as per mom's request. Yeah, Mommy is lazy to groom me everyday since my hair get really matted easily (which I think it was caused by playing too much with Jessie. We love to play wrestling, you see!) so she requested Ms. Groomer to keep my fur as short as possible!
I am ok with any "hair-style" since I know I will look great in anything. Shaggy look, typical schnauzer look, all-short look, anything!!! Altho' I can't imagine how I will look being bald. Hope that won't happen to me!
Anyway, the best part of having super short fur is that mom finally saw how thin I am (Not that I am unhealthily thin... but she used to think I am a bit on the chubby side coz of my super curly hairy fur) and started to give me a little more kibbles. Heh heh...
For the CNY, me will be following daddy back to his hometown as usual, together with Jessie. Oh well, we can't see mom for the four days during the CNY holidays. I am sure mom will miss us a lot. Hopefully she will bring some goodies for me and Jessie.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Jabbie Time Again!

How time flies! I just had my 1st yearly jab last Sunday. Daddy sent mommy and I to the clinic while he went to do some errands. Mommy said that she felt sooo embarassed having to deal with me coz I was behaving like a lunatic that day! She can't really blamed me coz I am a very friendly dog and I love meeting people! Anyway, I didn't really do anything loony that day, really. All I did was to "whine" desperately while jumping up and down when I saw some human beings walking into the clinic. I didn't think they felt offended though coz some of them actually were squealling with excitement when they saw me. I personally thought I looked kinda charming that day! But poor mommy had to carry me super tight to prevent me from rushing over and jumping over them. What a spoilsport mommy is... She said the next round (next year!), she must make sure that Daddy is around to control me. :( No fun......
Ooooh...grooming day tomorrow! Must make sure Mommy tell Ms.Groomer what cut I would like to have... Mommy said Chinese New Year is coming and I must look my very best! Will try to post some pictures of me, handsome and freshly groomed once Mommy is free... Cheerio!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Jessie and the coffee!

While mom was busy upstairs in her room yesterday evening, Jessie managed to find herself a sachet of instant coffee power! I totally had no idea where she found it since all this while, none of us (meaning me and Jessie) had any interest in coffee at all! Anyway, Jessie chewed on the sachet until it was torn into pieces and ate the whole instant coffee power! She eventually brought some small bits of the sachet upstairs, hid herself under the bed and continue chewing!
It was then when mom realised something was wrong coz the whole room smelt of coffee! Mom bend down and saw Jessie under the bed with a small piece of the sachet left on her mouth! It's too late to do anything by then coz she had already finished the whole sachet! Mom was wondering where did Jessie found it and went downstairs to check. As at now, she totally had no idea where Jessie could have gotten it! And Mom was wondering whether me, Handsome-and-Good-Boy, Benji had anything to do with it (accomplice!)...
Anyway, like C.S.I., you will just have to wait for the proof! This morning, Jessie sort of had a diarrhea and her poop were slimy and it was very very dark brown and smelt like coffee!!! Mine was as normal as usual. So, there you go... proof will tell the truth!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Here wishing all my friends and all furkiddos and their owners and mommies and daddies in the whole wide world a very blessed Xmas and a Happy New Year 2008!!!
Sorry, we actually had other pictures but it's located at another laptop and mommy is soooo lazy to transfer them out! So, it's always the same pictures! Haha...

PS: Yippee! Will be back with Mom and Dad to Batu Pahat again, to visit Mom's dad and mom!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Some pictures of us!

After soooo long, mom finally had the time to snap snap some pictures of us and load them into the computer!!! (Gosh, it's time for haircut again, mom!)! I still look as cute as ever, don't ya think?

Friday, 30 November 2007

Jessie, the crate-breaker!

Do you know that Jessie can actually let herself out of a crate? It's true! It's not like she did it every day but so far, for the past one month, she has been letting herself out of the crate about 5 times! At first mommy thought daddy purposely let her out to play with me but daddy kept denying it. The last time was yesterday, when Mom and Dad returned from dinner, they found Jessie waiting at the door, wagging her tail. Haha... I don't know for sure how she does it (everything happened so quickly) but I am guessing that she is scratching the crate's door when she heard Mom and Dad were home and maybe, with a bit of luck, the latch was opened!
Oh, by the way, Jessie is still being crated when mom and dad were away coz she chews anything she can find, including floor mats and furniture! And she can jump onto the bed easily with her toy!!! (I am so jealous...It's becoz of my genes that I was born heavy-boned...) Anyway, I don't mind her being crated really coz if she were to spoil something, mom will scold both of us! It's better for mom to catch her in the act rather than blaming me for something I didn't do! In case you didn't know, I am a good dog and like I say in my previous entry, I only chew on really expensive stuff. Jessie's fine being crated. I think she has already gotten used to it and doesn't make noise as she used to (whining, screeching, barking) when mom puts her in the crate every morning. And as for me, I don't mind being crated as well.. just as long as mom is in the same room as me. However, if she were to leave the room or house, I will bark and howl at her to let me out! It's just not comfortable being in the crate! And I need to be free to go to my toilet, isn't it?

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Judge, anyone?

I wonder if any of you have similar situation as we do? We are caught in a very bad situation now! Daddy's Aunt (which we should call her Great Aunt) and Daddy's little cousin (Only 8 human years old but still, have to call her Small Aunt for respect purposes) came for a visit and both of us were extremely excited about it! Daddy, Mommy, Auntie J & Uncle G had been cleaning and tidying the house last weekend for their arrival! Mommy had also reminded both of us to stay all nice and well-mannered...
Unfortunately when Great Aunt and Small Aunt came, only then we were informed that Great Aunt was extremely afraid of dogs and Small Aunt wasn't allowed to be near anything that's furry (meaning us!) because Great Aunt suspected she has asthma! Although Daddy told them that we are hypoallergenic species but I guess Great Aunt wasn't too convinced. And both Jessie & I are extremely disappointed! Mom had no choice but to hide in the room together with both of us coz we aren't supposed to be anywhere near them. :( That's not how we planned for their visit! We were planning to impressed them with our charming looks and friendly nature, which we weren't even given a chance at all! The worst news of all is that, they were planning to stay for a week! Meaning, we can't get out of the mommy's room for a whole week!!! How fair is that?!!? You be the judge!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hi Pals! Can anyone give mommy good suggestions what to give Jessie & I to chew and bite during our free-time? Mommy commented that I had really bad breath these days and since our chewing urge are sooo strong still, she would like to buy something durable and safe for us to chew when Mommy and Daddy are away during the day. Mom bought lotsa rawhide bones for us but we can easily finish one in about an hour! And also, sometimes, we ended up throwing up everything we chewed. Hmmm...
Dr. Vet recommended Mommy to give us Greenies but Mommy read some really bad stuff about furryfriends being choked to death or having found undigestible substance in the intestines in the internet. Since then, she has been quite suspicious of Greenies. I wonder any furryfriends have comment on this?

Friday, 16 November 2007

Still alive & kicking!

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for sooo longggg... Mom has been pretty busy these days (again, she's busy doing nothing)!!! Dad was also busy himself (with his newly acquired laptop)!!! And yours truly is always busy chasing Jessie all around the house!!! Jessie, on the other hand, is always busy being chased by *ahem* me.
We have all grown a little older now, including Mom and Dad! Jessie is now 9 months plus and is growing to be more and more of a Lady-like poodle. Still, she has not yet grown out of her chewing habit! Everyday mom will find something being chewed to bits and pieces so unrecognizable that she herself doesn't even know what it is! Jessie is not as picky as me... anything that is chew-able is ok for her. Anything! You name it! Newspapers, magazines, floor mat (rubbery type, mind you!), polystyrene box, pens... almost anything! She even managed to bite my Kong toy into small bits! Goodness! I am more of a high-classier dog though. I chewed on dad's original handsfree kit, mom's original handsfree kit, dad's bluetooth earpiece device, handphone charger, mom's favourite soft-toy which she hugs to sleep everynight, dad's and mom's clothings (I even managed to make holeys into mom's undergarment!)... See? I can differentiate the expensive stuff, so unlike Jessie. Newspapers?! Nah...worthless!
Will try posting up some updated pictures of us when we have the time! No promise tho'... hehe...
That's all for now!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


Today is a very special day for me... coz exactly a year ago, I was born! How I know the exact date? Well, it was written on my MKA certificate. Oh, and btw, my real given name was, "Naughty Lucky Bulbas" or something like that. It's a silly name which I do not want to own. Lucky mom renamed me to "Benji". Just Benji...plain old Benji...
Anyway, to mark my special Barkday, mom and dad gave me chicken breast for dinner!!! Yum...yum.. (Unfortunately I had to share some with Jessie. It's so unfair! It's not her Barkday anyway...) Oh, in case you were wondering, they gave me on Sunday coz that's the only day mom is free to cook... I was expecting to have a cake like what Mom and Auntie J had for their birthday... but no such luck..ceh... (See, I am not lucky at all... why would someone named me Lucky)
Oh well, I guess I should learn how to count my blessings...

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Sleeping Poses...

Oops, here are some pictures taken by mommy when we were asleep... *embarrass*

Me, fell asleep on a pile of dirty curtains which mom were about to wash. You can't blame me for wanting to sleep there...it's sooooo comfy...
Another me, fell asleep while playing with my toys... see my boney and Kong?
Jessie, fell asleep beside her water bowl... Haha...maybe she wished to dream of food? She looks grumpy in her sleep tho'!

Friday, 10 August 2007


This is Jessie with her silly e-collar! Nah, not to worry, she is fine. Mommy brought her to the clinic about 2 weeks ago to have her spayed. Three days to go for her to remove her collar! Then, it's time for me to stop teasing how silly she looked! Aww...the teasing's fun!!! Even Grandpa was teasing her when he came visiting. Hehe...
Here is her scar on the 1st day after mommy brought her home. Looks quite yucky to me. And some parts were kinda swollen. Mom got worried and called the vet. Oooh..found out that Jessie has sensitive skin and reacted badly even when the vet shaved some of her fur. Jessie were given an antibiotic jab to prevent infection during the operation. Not to worry, as the wound healed within days and now, she is like her usual self, except noisier than usual as mommy has to lock her in the crate. Poor thing! Me, that is! - not her! I am almost deaf with her screeching!!! yicks...
Mommy has been pretty busy reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that she didn't have time to blog these days. Jeez. She is, in fact, re-reading the book again as she told Daddy that one-time reading is never enough! I have a nut-case for a mommy... She plans to re-read the whole series, starting from Book One till Book Seven to get the "feel" of Harry Potter growing up in one stretch (Unlike the 2-years wait for the next book like she used to). So, until she is SOOO over Harry Potter, I guess she won't be blogging anytime soon. :( Poor me... lucky she remembers to feed us tho'. Phew!!!

PS: Jessie is exactly 6months today!

Friday, 6 July 2007

What did we do wrong?!?!

We have been wronged!!! Mommy accused us of doing some bad which we both felt was a no big-a-deal. This morning, while mommy and daddy were preparing to go to work, Aunt J and Uncle G made a U-turn back home (They were supposed to be on the way to work). It seemed that Uncle G had stepped on some cat's poo near his car and only realised about it when Uncle G was in the car, on the journey. Anyway, Uncle G and Aunt J quickly removed the mat from the car and washed away the cat's poo at the car porch. What they didn't realised was that at the same time, Daddy opened the front door to see what happened! That's when Jessie and I ran out to greet Uncle G and Aunt J! Immediately, we smelled something yummy on the grass - it's the cat's poo!!! Both of us quickly dashed to it and ate up the whole poo in seconds! All of them (Mommy, Daddy, Aunt J and Uncle G) shrieked at the same time and before we knew it, we were being scolded by Mommy and Daddy!!! My butt was smacked by Mommy and we were being shoved into the bathroom to get a bath, early in the morning!!! What did we do wrong?!?! We still couldn't figure it out... we just ate some yummy cat's poo, that's all...

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Some pictures of Jessie & I - taken by mommy! She is still complaining that it's hard for her to get good shots of us! Either I wasn't looking at the camera or Jessie was fidgeting! Ha ha... Mom, if you use food as bait, it might be easier...

This is Mommy's best shot! Jessie looks kinda chubby but it's just only the fur! Don't get fool by her innocent chubby look, tho'! She can run faster than me!!!

Another shot of us!
Are we done yet?! We are hungry!!!

Both of us will be going to the groomer's this weekend. This will be Jessie's first official grooming session. We shall post our groomed & polished pictures then...

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Unpleasant Bath Time!

I hate bath time! I really can't understand why humans (like mommy and daddy for example) need to bathe everyday!?!! Even cold rainy days don't stop them from doing it! I used to struggle and even succumbed to licking away the shampoo whenever mommy and daddy gave me a bath! Mommy needed Daddy's help to bathe me while she tried to hold me still. And whenever possible, I tried to make them wet by shaking the water off my fur. Haha...that was fun!!!
Fortunately (for mom), now that I am older and wiser, I can tackle this matter way better. I am not saying that I like bath time now! I still hate it a lot but I have learnt to accept it. At least, I don't get wash everyday like humans do. Phew! I can now stand still while waiting for mommy to give me a bath. I do still try to lick some shampoo whenever possible tho'. Hehe. And mommy doesn't need daddy to help out anymore! She can bathe me all by herself!!! Hooray for mommy!!!
Unfortunately for mom tho', bathing Jessie is worse than bathing me when I was younger! She tries to run away from mommy everytime mommy lets her out of her grip. Thus, mommy has to bath her using one hand while the other hand catches her. Sometimes, Jessie tries to climb up to mommy and giving mommy Jessie's pitiful look (You know, like what that Pussy-In-Boots does in Shrek2&3). [Benji: Jessie, this doesn't work when it's bath time... save it for other uses, like getting a treat] [Jessie: Well, it's worth a try, you know...]
Each time when mommy comes out of the bathroom everytime after bathing the two of us, she is drenched with shampoo and water. Haha... anyway, here are some ugly pictures of us after our bath. Yeah, I know we both look pathetic....

Me, before bath! How rugged and handsome I look eh?
Jessie before bath! See, her fluffy fur?!
Jessie and I posing for mommy....
Jessie and I again.... Mom, can I sleep while you take pictures? I am dead beat!
Jessie, looking frightful... [Jessie: What's that thing mommy's holding?!?! What's that blinding light??!?!]

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Jessie - the FBI Agent!

Mommy made Jessie wear my FBI t-shirt since I couldn't fit in anymore! Here are some of her pictures! She really think she is a FBI agent - duh...
Mission Impossible! I must get to the bone before Benji!
Special Agent - Jessie!
Yeah! I did it!
Tired already....please, no more mission ok...

I'm back!

Heya! Mommy has been so lazy (busy, she said) to update my blog! Well, I, myself have been pretty busy as well. Everyday after work, mommy will rush home to let me out of her room and Jessie out of her crate (Yeah, Jessie is still crate-training. Haven't fully passed her house-breaking training yet!). Then, both of us will be running up and down the staircase and then to the garden, chasing each other. Mommy in the meantime, will be busying herself cleaning the toilet (where I did my business) and Jessie's crate. After that, mommy and daddy will have their dinner while Jessie and I looked on longingly(sometimes we both beg mommy to give us some of her food, which she stubbornly rejected! Hmmph!). After they are done, it's our turn to have our dinner. Mommy will make us sit and stay for a while before giving us food. How cruel of her! Next, it's play-time! Sometimes mommy will join us for some wrestling but most of the time, mommy will play tickle with each of us individually. Hehe. That's the fun part and highlight of the day! Jessie gets tired easily after dinner so, usually by 10pm, she will doze off under the sofa and I will either entertain myself with some toys or just sitting at the sliding door, gazing up the starry starry nite, thinking deeply about the world and humanity..(yah right!). At about 11.30pm or sometimes much later (depending whether it's CSI nite or not, or whether mommy is trying to refresh her memory by re-reading Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince for the 4th time!), mommy will announce bed-time! Jessie and I will then race with each other upstairs. Mommy will put Jessie back into her crate and lay out a big fluffy pillow for me to sleep in. Then, lights off! Zzzzz......
What a busy schedule all of us have everyday!!! No wonder, mommy doesn't have the time to blog these days.... :p

Monday, 14 May 2007

Another Case of Mites Infection!!!

Jessie was taken to the vet yesterday by Mommy and Daddy (me, being left alone at home! hmmph!) coz Mommy found out some weird scaly thingy on Jessie's outer ears and also on her body. The vet confirmed that Jessie has a case of mites infection! This time tho', it's not ear mites infection like what I had the other time but another kind of mites which stayed on the skin and makes someone scratched like crazy. Vet said that if it's not cured fast enough, probably Jessie will go bald sooner or later with all the scratching. (Ooh..I wonder how she looks like being bald?...Hmmm...) Haha, and becoz of that, she has to be given 4 jabs (painful jabs like what I had gotten the last time I had ear mites infection!) in order to control the infection! Poor thing... (NOT!) Heard from mommy that she cried and screamed during the jab! Haha...This is real funny... how I wished I had been there to witness this...Kekeke....Mommy was wondering where Jessie has gotten this infection since Mommy doesn't allow Jessie to go out of the house (coz she has not finished her jabs yet.) From me, I don't think so coz I am also an indoor dog and am clean! [SMUG]

(What?! No...no..no...you must have heard it wrongly, mom! I don't think the vet meant me! Maybe he meant Daddy?! Are you sure the vet said Benji? ) Great! This is just great! Mommy has just told me that I will have to take the jabs (3 for me!) as well to prevent myself from being infected from the mites. The chances of me being infected is rather high ( very high, according to Mommy, which I think was highly exaggerated! ) as Jessie and I kept playing and rolling together... Now, Jessie, look what you have done! Mommy, please don't let me have the jabs! Please!!! (Mommy: Sorry Ben-ji-ji, you had to have the jabs, for your own good. You don't wanna be bald and ugly, right?) Bald?!!?! Ugly???!!? Okaaay, okaaay, I will do it but mommy, you must promised to give me lotsa treats after that, ya?! And Mom, please refer me as Benji in the blog ya... Ben-ji-ji is only for you & Daddy to call me at home ya...behind closed doors...:p

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Mommy said she is sooo "LUCKY"!

Mommy thinks she is sooo "LUCKY"! Wanna know why? Read on: I was (and still am) having a behavioral problem which Mommy calls it "Separation Anxiety", where I can't be away from mommy at all. Once I can't see mommy, I will run all over the house, trying to look for her. If she is not within my sight, I will then start to whine softly. After a minute or so, when mommy still doesn't come looking for me, I will then howl with all my might! And another minute later, I will poo/pee on the floor wherever I was at that time. I can't really control myself coz I really panicked everytime I can't see my mommy.

Now, the "LUCKY" part is that, Jessie seemed to be having the same problem as well! She will follow mommy everywhere she goes and if mommy goes to the toilet, she will scream and scratch the door until mommy comes out! This morning, when mommy fed Jessie in the room, mommy came out to dry some clothes. Jessie, a real glutton, didn't even want to eat her kibbles! All she did was to screamed and scratched the door until Mommy is done with her work! Haha. Mommy was saying that of so many puppies available, she managed to get two with the same behavioral problem! Haha! Maybe Mommy is attracted to problematic kiddo like us. :p Anyway, Mommy did some research on Separation Anxiety and the reasons for this problem could be due to:-

  • A dog has never or rarely been left alone.
  • Following a long interval, such as a vacation, during which the owner and dog are constantly together.
  • After a traumatic event (from the dog's point of view) such as a period of time spent at a shelter or boarding kennel.
  • After a change in the family's routine or structure (a child leaving for college, a change in work schedule, a move to a new home, a new pet or person in the home).
Some said that being a very super-duper devoted dog will also have this anxiety when the owner is away. I am not sure whether is it true but I would like to think of myself as a super-duper devoted dog than being a jealous or traumatised dog. :)

Anyway, being older and having a routine life makes it easier for me to cope with this problem. Now, I can wait patiently outside the bathroom door when mommy is bathing without me peeing-pooing on the floor. Now, I can wait patiently for mommy to return from work without messing the whole room. I'm not perfect tho' as I still whine like a baby if Mommy were to go upstairs, leaving me (and Jessie) alone in the crate ... *blush*... but Mommy and Daddy love me the way I am, even with the howling and panic poo/pee... Cheers!!!