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Monday, 30 April 2007

Hmmph! Jessie is a show-off!

I have something to announce today! Jessie is a show-off! It's official! Hmmph! First, she managed to climb up the stairs, up a storey high on her first day of arrival! Then, she understood that SIT meaning "bum touches floor" within 2 minutes into the training. And yesterday, she managed to go down the stairs ALL-BY-HERSELF, without Mommy or Daddy teaching her! Now you know why I accused her of being a show-off right?! She just wanna get all the attention for herself! Daddy and Mommy have been praising her (and teasing me for being such a baby!) all day...jeez... :(
A-ha! There's one more thing that Jessie doesn't know yet! She doesn't know where to poo/pee yet! Kekeke...muahahaha... Note to self: Better show-off to Mommy while I can before Jessie does it... *winkwink*

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Going to Taiping!

Yeah, this Friday, we will be returning back to Daddy's hometown for the weekend. This time, Jessie will be tagging along. I wonder how long can she hold her pee coz she is still so young and can't really hold as long as I can. Me, being a big boy now, I can hold my pee for the night! Of course, if I suddenly have the urge to go middle of the night, not to worry, as I can find my way in the dark to the toilet and return quietly to my bed to sleep without waking up mommy. [Smug]
Oh ya, back to the trip. I wonder if mommy will bring along a leash so that we can have a walk around Daddy's place. Better put that in my checklist. :) But, one thing I don't like about Daddy's place or any other place for the matter, is that, the toilet is not the same as the one where I live now. The smell is not the same and the tiles are not of the same size and colour. And this is making me confused! So, usually at Daddy's hometown, I will do my business in the crate. Daddy tried bringing me to the toilet during the CNY trip but I don't have much "feeling" for that place and just sat down on the floor, looking pitifully at Daddy. In the end, Daddy had not choice but to put me in my crate. The second I was in there, I pooed/peed like crazy. This time, I think I will have to share the "crate-toilet" with Jessie while we were there.
Anyway, here is the checklist of all the things mommy needs to pack for us. Really pity her as we have lotsa things to bring and are actually more than mommy's own stuff.

1. My Kibbles - NutriEdge Stage 2, enough of 4 meals
2. Jessie's Kibbles - NutriEdge Stage 1, enough for 4 meals
3. My Food Bowl
4. Jessie's Food Bowl
5. My Pillow/Bed - For me to have a good rest
6. Jessie's Pillow/Bed - For her to have a good rest too!
7. Our toys - Lucky we both can share toys!
8. Crate - Oooh, this is the most problematic as our crate are kinda huge and it can just fit nicely into Daddy's car, taking up half of the back seat.
9. Leash - For me of course!
10. Lotsa kitchen towels - To clean up accidents, mostly Jessie's...hehe...

Ok, I guess that's all for this trip. Lucky it's only a 3 days, 2 nights. If not, mommy has to bring our shampoo and towels and other grooming materials... phew!

Friday, 20 April 2007

Mommy's angry!

Mommy has been pretty angry these days. Not with me tho'! She's angry with Jessie coz Jessie has been a very naughty girl. Whenever mommy puts Jessie in her crate, Jessie will scream and scream until Mommy lets her out. Mommy and Daddy are now training her on her toilet-training session and they realised that the only way to train Jessie is by crate-training. The thing is, Jessie won't shut-up when she is in the crate. Even when we were all in the same room, with everyone nearby her, she will still scream to get all the attention. Sometimes, truth to be told, I also can't stand her and when mommy is away (not that far away but far enough not to see me!), I will growl and bark at her to make her shut-up. *winkwink*
Daddy now realised how much a good boy I have been all these while. Although I do howl and whine when I was being left alone (coz I need to see where mom and dad were!) but once I was in the same room/area with them, I am cool and will do my own thing (mostly sleeping la...keke) But, that is not the same case as Jessie. I hope she could stop screaming or maybe she could be house-broken faster, then mommy won't have to be so angry at her. I hate to see mommy's angry. :( Luckily, I am smart. Whenever mommy is lecturing Jessie, I will quickly dodge to a safe place together with Daddy and watch the "nice show" from there!
Btw, now with Jessie here with us, I wanna show mommy how good and well-behaved I am. So, since her arrival, I have not missed the spot where I should do my poopoo/peepee. :) And mommy is so proud of me!
PS: I hope you won't think of my mommy as a bad woman coz she still loves me and Jessie alot!!! And Jessie is not a bad girl either! She's just a bit stubborn and spoilt, so unlike me - I am so COOL...

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Pictures Update!

Finally! Here are some pictures of Jessie and yours truly...This is Jessie, first day back to our home. Still very blurblur that day. Hehe. She is such a cutie, eh? Just like me when I was a young puppy! :)
Here is Jessie, acting cute, trying to win Mommy's and Daddy's heart... and mine too...keke...
Cutie Jessie, wondering what's the flash is...
Still wondering.... Jessie, you are supposed to dodge when you see the flash! :)
Jessie loves to sleep on Mommy's and Daddy's feet. Really very manja, even on the first day! Here is she, sleeping on mommy's feet, tired after the trip home from Klang and the endless photo-shooting session!

Pictures of me and Jessie, finally falling asleep, after a long tiring day.... yawn...feels good to have someone accompany me. Jessie's fur is so soft...yawn...just like a pillow...yawn...

Lastly, this is me, sleeping on daddy's lap during a football match between Manchester United (Daddy's fav. team) and some other team in yellow...I wasn't watching...Why watch when I can sleep on daddy's lap? :) Jessie didn't get to sleep on daddy's lap yet coz she hasn't passed her toilet-training yet... Woo-hoo!

Monday, 16 April 2007


I have a great news to share! Daddy and Mommy bought a toy poodle which Daddy named her Jessie! She is only 2 months old but she could run real fast for someone her size and age. Jessie is apricot in colour and weigh only 0.99 kg! But don't let her tiny and innocent look fool you! She is a very brave and naughty gal, she is! Imagine her, being so tiny, she could climb up the stairs, up a storey without Daddy and Mommy teaching her. Mommy kept teasing me that I can't even climb up the stairs even at age 4 months old, and that is with lotsa guidance and training from Mom and Dad. Yeah, mom, no one is perfect, okay... At least I do not scream and screech like Jessie does, when you put me in my crate. I was and am a very good-natured boy and I don't mind where I am as long as I am in the same room as you are, somewhere where I could see you. :) Okay, so I may not learnt how to SIT in 2 minutes time but I did learnt it in 2 days time! That's not bad for a puppy, right? Okay okay, I may be hyper-active and wants to play all the time, not wanting you to clean my ear and brush my hair, unlike Jessie, who is most willing to lay on your lap and sleep while you groom her ear, but I am also fun to be with, right? So, no more teasing ya, mom!
Oh, back to Jessie! I really love being with her..and I loved snuggling with her while sleeping. Now, with Jessie screaming while being the in crate, mommy has no choice but to let her sleep on the floor with full access to the room. So, since mommy is very fair towards us (altho' mommy sometimes gives me treats but not to Jessie... WinkWink!) and I am 98% house-broken, she lets me sleep on the floor as well with Jessie...Cool! Now I don't have to be in the crate at all!
In my conclusion, I am glad that mommy and daddy bought Jessie! Now, I don't feel so bored at home, while waiting for them to come back from work. :)
PS: Mommy is too busy training Jessie that she doesn't have the time to download pictures from the handphone into the pc. Will update you Jessie's pictures when mommy is free-er, which I doubt she will be at the moment with both of us at home. :p

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


I had just invented a cool game to play with mommy! Everytime when mommy opens the door to throw the garbage or to check for mails, I will rush out of the door, grab the first slipper I saw on the floor and run to the garden, drop whatever it is in my mouth and run back to mommy. Then, at this time, mommy will sure go back to retrieve the slipper (which is on the grass) and I shall be waiting and once mommy drop it on the floor to where it belong, I shall repeat the whole process with another slipper! How fun is that?! Haha. I usually took one out of a pair so mommy will have to either go barefooted or with a mismatched pair to get me and the rest of the items in the garden! This is really fun! You guys should try it out! Sometimes, mommy got so tired with herself running back and forth collecting slippers, she just went into the house, leaving all the slippers in the garden! (She picked them up once I was safe in the house...jeez...) This is when I know the game ends and rush back into the house before mommy locks the door. Cool, huh?
Another game which mommy and I love to play is Playing Catch. Well, usually I will start the game where I will run towards mommy, jumping up and touching her with my front paws, then she will run and try to catch me. I will run as fast as I could and hide somewhere (usually under the sofa or bed, depending where we were). Mommy will then touch me and run away as fast as she could and then I will be the one trying to catch her. And when I did (which is easy-peasy as mommy runs kinda slow for someone who has long legs compared to mine...), I will run as fast as I could before mommy can touch me and so on! By the time we finish this game, both of us were very sweaty and tired and thirsty and zzzz....