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Friday, 30 November 2007

Jessie, the crate-breaker!

Do you know that Jessie can actually let herself out of a crate? It's true! It's not like she did it every day but so far, for the past one month, she has been letting herself out of the crate about 5 times! At first mommy thought daddy purposely let her out to play with me but daddy kept denying it. The last time was yesterday, when Mom and Dad returned from dinner, they found Jessie waiting at the door, wagging her tail. Haha... I don't know for sure how she does it (everything happened so quickly) but I am guessing that she is scratching the crate's door when she heard Mom and Dad were home and maybe, with a bit of luck, the latch was opened!
Oh, by the way, Jessie is still being crated when mom and dad were away coz she chews anything she can find, including floor mats and furniture! And she can jump onto the bed easily with her toy!!! (I am so jealous...It's becoz of my genes that I was born heavy-boned...) Anyway, I don't mind her being crated really coz if she were to spoil something, mom will scold both of us! It's better for mom to catch her in the act rather than blaming me for something I didn't do! In case you didn't know, I am a good dog and like I say in my previous entry, I only chew on really expensive stuff. Jessie's fine being crated. I think she has already gotten used to it and doesn't make noise as she used to (whining, screeching, barking) when mom puts her in the crate every morning. And as for me, I don't mind being crated as well.. just as long as mom is in the same room as me. However, if she were to leave the room or house, I will bark and howl at her to let me out! It's just not comfortable being in the crate! And I need to be free to go to my toilet, isn't it?

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Judge, anyone?

I wonder if any of you have similar situation as we do? We are caught in a very bad situation now! Daddy's Aunt (which we should call her Great Aunt) and Daddy's little cousin (Only 8 human years old but still, have to call her Small Aunt for respect purposes) came for a visit and both of us were extremely excited about it! Daddy, Mommy, Auntie J & Uncle G had been cleaning and tidying the house last weekend for their arrival! Mommy had also reminded both of us to stay all nice and well-mannered...
Unfortunately when Great Aunt and Small Aunt came, only then we were informed that Great Aunt was extremely afraid of dogs and Small Aunt wasn't allowed to be near anything that's furry (meaning us!) because Great Aunt suspected she has asthma! Although Daddy told them that we are hypoallergenic species but I guess Great Aunt wasn't too convinced. And both Jessie & I are extremely disappointed! Mom had no choice but to hide in the room together with both of us coz we aren't supposed to be anywhere near them. :( That's not how we planned for their visit! We were planning to impressed them with our charming looks and friendly nature, which we weren't even given a chance at all! The worst news of all is that, they were planning to stay for a week! Meaning, we can't get out of the mommy's room for a whole week!!! How fair is that?!!? You be the judge!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hi Pals! Can anyone give mommy good suggestions what to give Jessie & I to chew and bite during our free-time? Mommy commented that I had really bad breath these days and since our chewing urge are sooo strong still, she would like to buy something durable and safe for us to chew when Mommy and Daddy are away during the day. Mom bought lotsa rawhide bones for us but we can easily finish one in about an hour! And also, sometimes, we ended up throwing up everything we chewed. Hmmm...
Dr. Vet recommended Mommy to give us Greenies but Mommy read some really bad stuff about furryfriends being choked to death or having found undigestible substance in the intestines in the internet. Since then, she has been quite suspicious of Greenies. I wonder any furryfriends have comment on this?

Friday, 16 November 2007

Still alive & kicking!

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for sooo longggg... Mom has been pretty busy these days (again, she's busy doing nothing)!!! Dad was also busy himself (with his newly acquired laptop)!!! And yours truly is always busy chasing Jessie all around the house!!! Jessie, on the other hand, is always busy being chased by *ahem* me.
We have all grown a little older now, including Mom and Dad! Jessie is now 9 months plus and is growing to be more and more of a Lady-like poodle. Still, she has not yet grown out of her chewing habit! Everyday mom will find something being chewed to bits and pieces so unrecognizable that she herself doesn't even know what it is! Jessie is not as picky as me... anything that is chew-able is ok for her. Anything! You name it! Newspapers, magazines, floor mat (rubbery type, mind you!), polystyrene box, pens... almost anything! She even managed to bite my Kong toy into small bits! Goodness! I am more of a high-classier dog though. I chewed on dad's original handsfree kit, mom's original handsfree kit, dad's bluetooth earpiece device, handphone charger, mom's favourite soft-toy which she hugs to sleep everynight, dad's and mom's clothings (I even managed to make holeys into mom's undergarment!)... See? I can differentiate the expensive stuff, so unlike Jessie. Newspapers?! Nah...worthless!
Will try posting up some updated pictures of us when we have the time! No promise tho'... hehe...
That's all for now!