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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Where's my tooth?

This is weird... I was playing & biting mommy last Sunday and suddenly, I felt that I have lost a tooth! And so suddenly, mommy was holding my missing tooth (which happened to stuck on her hand) and told daddy excitedly that my tooth came off. Then, she went on talking, opening my mouth, looking and searching for any other missing teeth... Hmmm... I thought she was supposed to be worried that I am turning teethless (how to eat like that?!) but instead she was so excited and kept my tooth in a red packet. Hmmm... Mommy, you are getting weirder each day...
PS: Vet said I'm cleared of all the mites infection! So, cousin Max, when are you coming over to visit me? I am 4.3kg already!

Monday, 5 February 2007

Hi everyone! I have a video to share with you! Recently mommy has given me a pillow for me to sleep with and you know, the terrier trait in me made me wanna dig dig dig the pillow! I wasn't sure what I was digging for but it sure was fun! Or at least, that's what I thought! Daddy and Mommy however do not share the same thought. Daddy said it was time to sleep and ordered me to stop it coz the digging was quite loud and noisy. So, what I did was that I pretended to sleep everytime I heard the word, "Stop it!" and after a few seconds (sometimes minutes...to make sure no one took notice of me) and then I would "wake up" and started digging again! It was sooo fun! Until I eventually dozed off while pretending to be asleep....zzz...

PS: The video was kinda dark..hope you guys could see me in action!

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