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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Happy One-Year-Old, Jessie!

Today is Jessie's birthday! She is officially one-year old already! Woo-hoo! Mom will make us some feast tomorrow since she has just gotten back from her hometown today and is super busy unpacking and stuff.
Anyway, we found one of Jessie's old picture, taken on the first day she joined our family! She was about two months old then. How cute she used to be!!! Whenever mommy and daddy and I recall the day when she was still a puppy... we cringed! She was cute and all but she shrieked and cried a lot! I lost a lot of my quality sleep-time during those months! (Yeah, mommy and daddy too...) Now, she is just as obedient as I am. A little naughty and barky at times but still bearable! Phew!!
Anyway, Jessie, just wanna wish you a Happy Birthday and may your wish of jumping onto the comfy human-bed (when Mom and Dad are away) comes true...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Freshly Groomed Pictures

As promised, here are two pictures of me taken by mommy after my grooming last week. Ms. Groomer really took away lots of my fur as per mom's request. Yeah, Mommy is lazy to groom me everyday since my hair get really matted easily (which I think it was caused by playing too much with Jessie. We love to play wrestling, you see!) so she requested Ms. Groomer to keep my fur as short as possible!
I am ok with any "hair-style" since I know I will look great in anything. Shaggy look, typical schnauzer look, all-short look, anything!!! Altho' I can't imagine how I will look being bald. Hope that won't happen to me!
Anyway, the best part of having super short fur is that mom finally saw how thin I am (Not that I am unhealthily thin... but she used to think I am a bit on the chubby side coz of my super curly hairy fur) and started to give me a little more kibbles. Heh heh...
For the CNY, me will be following daddy back to his hometown as usual, together with Jessie. Oh well, we can't see mom for the four days during the CNY holidays. I am sure mom will miss us a lot. Hopefully she will bring some goodies for me and Jessie.