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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Judge, anyone?

I wonder if any of you have similar situation as we do? We are caught in a very bad situation now! Daddy's Aunt (which we should call her Great Aunt) and Daddy's little cousin (Only 8 human years old but still, have to call her Small Aunt for respect purposes) came for a visit and both of us were extremely excited about it! Daddy, Mommy, Auntie J & Uncle G had been cleaning and tidying the house last weekend for their arrival! Mommy had also reminded both of us to stay all nice and well-mannered...
Unfortunately when Great Aunt and Small Aunt came, only then we were informed that Great Aunt was extremely afraid of dogs and Small Aunt wasn't allowed to be near anything that's furry (meaning us!) because Great Aunt suspected she has asthma! Although Daddy told them that we are hypoallergenic species but I guess Great Aunt wasn't too convinced. And both Jessie & I are extremely disappointed! Mom had no choice but to hide in the room together with both of us coz we aren't supposed to be anywhere near them. :( That's not how we planned for their visit! We were planning to impressed them with our charming looks and friendly nature, which we weren't even given a chance at all! The worst news of all is that, they were planning to stay for a week! Meaning, we can't get out of the mommy's room for a whole week!!! How fair is that?!!? You be the judge!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, I think that's not fair at all! You both should be allowed to roam all over the house becoz it's YOUR home. It's not fair that you guys get locked up in the room for one whole week. You both will go crazee in there for sure out of boredom, less interaction with hoomans, exercise, etc & if you do destroy something in the room, your hoomans will get angry & that's not fair to you both. It's your home & I think both your aunts should also give you both some little respect of the fact that's it's YOUR home. They both will just have to get used to you both. I mean, you both are no harm to them right? If your older aunt has asthma & that she's afraid of dogs, then at least your hoomans can put you both on leashes & tie you around their waists. At least, you're far away from her & she's far away from you. What do you think?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

benjiboy said...

Amber, i totally agree with you and thanks for coming to our defense! Mom and Dad were unhappy that we were not allowed to run freely in our OWN home! Great aunt will shriek whenever she saw us eventho' we were far away! And it's not that we shed heavily or what and we are clean, indoor doggies! And she kept telling Grandma that mom and dad kept letting the dogs loose which it's a lie coz we were being locked in the room since Saturday (except when they are out for dinner, mommy secretly let us out to roam...)
Lucky they are going back today!! Yippee!!