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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Sleeping Position Again?!

Mommy took pictures of me sleeping again?!!?!? Aiyoh, why keep taking my cencored pictures and post in online, mommy? I am sooo embarrassed! But as you can see, wearing a e-collar and even after a painful operation doesn't stop me from sleeping in my favourite position! Yawn!

Pictures of me!

Here are some pictures of me, taken by mommy after the operation. As you can see, that is me, standing with my legs spread open after the operation. I guess I must have stood for hours that day! Another picture are of me, on Sunday, begging mommy to play with me! No more pain! However, mommy thinks it's unwise for me to be playing and put me back into my cage. :( So bored...

Monday, 26 March 2007

I am fine here!

Hi All! I am fine here! Thanks for all of your wishes. On Friday, after the operation, I wasn't feeling very well. I felt kinda dowsy and blur. Even when mommy and daddy came to pick me up at the clinic, I can't really recognised who they were. All I remembered was the trip back home was kinda hazy... felt like I was dreaming. At home, mommy prepared a comfy cage with my pillow for me to rest but I couldn't even sit, let alone sleep! Kept standing with my legs spread open. I tried sitting but will jump up immediately. Hehe. That part was still very sensitive ma... Mommy was so worried coz the vet told her it's a quick and easy procedure and thus mommy assumed that I won't be feeling the pain. So, she was kinda shocked to see me in pain. Lucky I still had great appetite to eat and drink and that made mommy a bit more relaxed. Still, the fact that I wasn't sitting and sleeping and poo-ing and pee-ing made mommy kinda worried and she kept asking daddy if she had made the wrong choice by neutering me. Hehe. Although it's painpain there but I am glad that mommy was sooo worried about me. Mom, I am ok! I am a big MAN already! Don't worry ok? (ok,ok..let's rephased it.. I am a big "MAN without balls"... happy?!) Mommy had to carry me to my bedroom (which is also mommy's bedroom) and arrange me in my sleeping position.. and hand-fed me coz my e-collar was kinda big and prevented me from eating from my bowl. Yoo-hoo! Felt like a king that day!

Anyway, the next day, when mommy finally heard me barking at her and saw me jumping (which I found out, was a big NO-NO, especially after the op) at her, greeting her (with my signature bite!), she knew I was back to normal and she was so happy and relieved! Hehe... (see, I told you mom, I will be ok!).

All in all, it was quite an experienced for me. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, to be exact! It's kinda cool not having the balls around. Felt much lighter now... guess I can now jump higher and run faster than those with balls around. Hehe...


Thursday, 22 March 2007


Sob Sob... I have an announcement to make! Sob sob... As at tomorrow, I am no longer a MAN anymore but instead, I am gonna be a EUNUCH! Mommy is bringing me to the clinic to have my FAMILY JEWELS removed! Sob sob! Daddy is feeling so sad for me but no matter how hard he tried to save me from being operated, Mommy doesn't want and will not change her decision. Somehow, she seemed rather happy that I am gonna be neutered. Sob sob *** Worse, I am not to be given food from today 10pm onwards until the operation tomorrow. Mom, take all the jewels you want, but give me my FOOD!!! How can I not eat??? Pity me... No Jewels and No Food? Guess this is the worst day of my life!