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Friday, 6 July 2007

What did we do wrong?!?!

We have been wronged!!! Mommy accused us of doing some bad which we both felt was a no big-a-deal. This morning, while mommy and daddy were preparing to go to work, Aunt J and Uncle G made a U-turn back home (They were supposed to be on the way to work). It seemed that Uncle G had stepped on some cat's poo near his car and only realised about it when Uncle G was in the car, on the journey. Anyway, Uncle G and Aunt J quickly removed the mat from the car and washed away the cat's poo at the car porch. What they didn't realised was that at the same time, Daddy opened the front door to see what happened! That's when Jessie and I ran out to greet Uncle G and Aunt J! Immediately, we smelled something yummy on the grass - it's the cat's poo!!! Both of us quickly dashed to it and ate up the whole poo in seconds! All of them (Mommy, Daddy, Aunt J and Uncle G) shrieked at the same time and before we knew it, we were being scolded by Mommy and Daddy!!! My butt was smacked by Mommy and we were being shoved into the bathroom to get a bath, early in the morning!!! What did we do wrong?!?! We still couldn't figure it out... we just ate some yummy cat's poo, that's all...

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Some pictures of Jessie & I - taken by mommy! She is still complaining that it's hard for her to get good shots of us! Either I wasn't looking at the camera or Jessie was fidgeting! Ha ha... Mom, if you use food as bait, it might be easier...

This is Mommy's best shot! Jessie looks kinda chubby but it's just only the fur! Don't get fool by her innocent chubby look, tho'! She can run faster than me!!!

Another shot of us!
Are we done yet?! We are hungry!!!

Both of us will be going to the groomer's this weekend. This will be Jessie's first official grooming session. We shall post our groomed & polished pictures then...