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Friday, 10 August 2007


This is Jessie with her silly e-collar! Nah, not to worry, she is fine. Mommy brought her to the clinic about 2 weeks ago to have her spayed. Three days to go for her to remove her collar! Then, it's time for me to stop teasing how silly she looked! Aww...the teasing's fun!!! Even Grandpa was teasing her when he came visiting. Hehe...
Here is her scar on the 1st day after mommy brought her home. Looks quite yucky to me. And some parts were kinda swollen. Mom got worried and called the vet. Oooh..found out that Jessie has sensitive skin and reacted badly even when the vet shaved some of her fur. Jessie were given an antibiotic jab to prevent infection during the operation. Not to worry, as the wound healed within days and now, she is like her usual self, except noisier than usual as mommy has to lock her in the crate. Poor thing! Me, that is! - not her! I am almost deaf with her screeching!!! yicks...
Mommy has been pretty busy reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that she didn't have time to blog these days. Jeez. She is, in fact, re-reading the book again as she told Daddy that one-time reading is never enough! I have a nut-case for a mommy... She plans to re-read the whole series, starting from Book One till Book Seven to get the "feel" of Harry Potter growing up in one stretch (Unlike the 2-years wait for the next book like she used to). So, until she is SOOO over Harry Potter, I guess she won't be blogging anytime soon. :( Poor me... lucky she remembers to feed us tho'. Phew!!!

PS: Jessie is exactly 6months today!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh man...Looks kinda ouchy to me. My times gonna be soon. Well, not that soon but after I have my first litter of Golden puppies. Weeeee! Jessie's hair is soooo long! Maybe need to be shaved bald soon...hehehe! Heal fast my friend & stop teasing her Benji!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh poor Jessie, I know how you feel coz Im *ahem* gone thru this suffer meanie thingy too. But no worries gal, you will be fine. Just have a good rest and make more noise for your meanie brother. wakakaka