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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Unpleasant Bath Time!

I hate bath time! I really can't understand why humans (like mommy and daddy for example) need to bathe everyday!?!! Even cold rainy days don't stop them from doing it! I used to struggle and even succumbed to licking away the shampoo whenever mommy and daddy gave me a bath! Mommy needed Daddy's help to bathe me while she tried to hold me still. And whenever possible, I tried to make them wet by shaking the water off my fur. Haha...that was fun!!!
Fortunately (for mom), now that I am older and wiser, I can tackle this matter way better. I am not saying that I like bath time now! I still hate it a lot but I have learnt to accept it. At least, I don't get wash everyday like humans do. Phew! I can now stand still while waiting for mommy to give me a bath. I do still try to lick some shampoo whenever possible tho'. Hehe. And mommy doesn't need daddy to help out anymore! She can bathe me all by herself!!! Hooray for mommy!!!
Unfortunately for mom tho', bathing Jessie is worse than bathing me when I was younger! She tries to run away from mommy everytime mommy lets her out of her grip. Thus, mommy has to bath her using one hand while the other hand catches her. Sometimes, Jessie tries to climb up to mommy and giving mommy Jessie's pitiful look (You know, like what that Pussy-In-Boots does in Shrek2&3). [Benji: Jessie, this doesn't work when it's bath time... save it for other uses, like getting a treat] [Jessie: Well, it's worth a try, you know...]
Each time when mommy comes out of the bathroom everytime after bathing the two of us, she is drenched with shampoo and water. Haha... anyway, here are some ugly pictures of us after our bath. Yeah, I know we both look pathetic....

Me, before bath! How rugged and handsome I look eh?
Jessie before bath! See, her fluffy fur?!
Jessie and I posing for mommy....
Jessie and I again.... Mom, can I sleep while you take pictures? I am dead beat!
Jessie, looking frightful... [Jessie: What's that thing mommy's holding?!?! What's that blinding light??!?!]

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Jessie - the FBI Agent!

Mommy made Jessie wear my FBI t-shirt since I couldn't fit in anymore! Here are some of her pictures! She really think she is a FBI agent - duh...
Mission Impossible! I must get to the bone before Benji!
Special Agent - Jessie!
Yeah! I did it!
Tired already....please, no more mission ok...

I'm back!

Heya! Mommy has been so lazy (busy, she said) to update my blog! Well, I, myself have been pretty busy as well. Everyday after work, mommy will rush home to let me out of her room and Jessie out of her crate (Yeah, Jessie is still crate-training. Haven't fully passed her house-breaking training yet!). Then, both of us will be running up and down the staircase and then to the garden, chasing each other. Mommy in the meantime, will be busying herself cleaning the toilet (where I did my business) and Jessie's crate. After that, mommy and daddy will have their dinner while Jessie and I looked on longingly(sometimes we both beg mommy to give us some of her food, which she stubbornly rejected! Hmmph!). After they are done, it's our turn to have our dinner. Mommy will make us sit and stay for a while before giving us food. How cruel of her! Next, it's play-time! Sometimes mommy will join us for some wrestling but most of the time, mommy will play tickle with each of us individually. Hehe. That's the fun part and highlight of the day! Jessie gets tired easily after dinner so, usually by 10pm, she will doze off under the sofa and I will either entertain myself with some toys or just sitting at the sliding door, gazing up the starry starry nite, thinking deeply about the world and humanity..(yah right!). At about 11.30pm or sometimes much later (depending whether it's CSI nite or not, or whether mommy is trying to refresh her memory by re-reading Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince for the 4th time!), mommy will announce bed-time! Jessie and I will then race with each other upstairs. Mommy will put Jessie back into her crate and lay out a big fluffy pillow for me to sleep in. Then, lights off! Zzzzz......
What a busy schedule all of us have everyday!!! No wonder, mommy doesn't have the time to blog these days.... :p