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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I'm back!

Heya! Mommy has been so lazy (busy, she said) to update my blog! Well, I, myself have been pretty busy as well. Everyday after work, mommy will rush home to let me out of her room and Jessie out of her crate (Yeah, Jessie is still crate-training. Haven't fully passed her house-breaking training yet!). Then, both of us will be running up and down the staircase and then to the garden, chasing each other. Mommy in the meantime, will be busying herself cleaning the toilet (where I did my business) and Jessie's crate. After that, mommy and daddy will have their dinner while Jessie and I looked on longingly(sometimes we both beg mommy to give us some of her food, which she stubbornly rejected! Hmmph!). After they are done, it's our turn to have our dinner. Mommy will make us sit and stay for a while before giving us food. How cruel of her! Next, it's play-time! Sometimes mommy will join us for some wrestling but most of the time, mommy will play tickle with each of us individually. Hehe. That's the fun part and highlight of the day! Jessie gets tired easily after dinner so, usually by 10pm, she will doze off under the sofa and I will either entertain myself with some toys or just sitting at the sliding door, gazing up the starry starry nite, thinking deeply about the world and humanity..(yah right!). At about 11.30pm or sometimes much later (depending whether it's CSI nite or not, or whether mommy is trying to refresh her memory by re-reading Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince for the 4th time!), mommy will announce bed-time! Jessie and I will then race with each other upstairs. Mommy will put Jessie back into her crate and lay out a big fluffy pillow for me to sleep in. Then, lights off! Zzzzz......
What a busy schedule all of us have everyday!!! No wonder, mommy doesn't have the time to blog these days.... :p

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Amber-Mae said...

Well, all I can say is... WELCOME BACK my friends!!!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer