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Monday, 14 May 2007

Another Case of Mites Infection!!!

Jessie was taken to the vet yesterday by Mommy and Daddy (me, being left alone at home! hmmph!) coz Mommy found out some weird scaly thingy on Jessie's outer ears and also on her body. The vet confirmed that Jessie has a case of mites infection! This time tho', it's not ear mites infection like what I had the other time but another kind of mites which stayed on the skin and makes someone scratched like crazy. Vet said that if it's not cured fast enough, probably Jessie will go bald sooner or later with all the scratching. (Ooh..I wonder how she looks like being bald?...Hmmm...) Haha, and becoz of that, she has to be given 4 jabs (painful jabs like what I had gotten the last time I had ear mites infection!) in order to control the infection! Poor thing... (NOT!) Heard from mommy that she cried and screamed during the jab! Haha...This is real funny... how I wished I had been there to witness this...Kekeke....Mommy was wondering where Jessie has gotten this infection since Mommy doesn't allow Jessie to go out of the house (coz she has not finished her jabs yet.) From me, I don't think so coz I am also an indoor dog and am clean! [SMUG]

(What?! No...no..no...you must have heard it wrongly, mom! I don't think the vet meant me! Maybe he meant Daddy?! Are you sure the vet said Benji? ) Great! This is just great! Mommy has just told me that I will have to take the jabs (3 for me!) as well to prevent myself from being infected from the mites. The chances of me being infected is rather high ( very high, according to Mommy, which I think was highly exaggerated! ) as Jessie and I kept playing and rolling together... Now, Jessie, look what you have done! Mommy, please don't let me have the jabs! Please!!! (Mommy: Sorry Ben-ji-ji, you had to have the jabs, for your own good. You don't wanna be bald and ugly, right?) Bald?!!?! Ugly???!!? Okaaay, okaaay, I will do it but mommy, you must promised to give me lotsa treats after that, ya?! And Mom, please refer me as Benji in the blog ya... Ben-ji-ji is only for you & Daddy to call me at home ya...behind closed doors...:p


Amber-Mae said...

OMG! Mites infection??? Oh I hope her problem will be cured soon before it spreads even further through out her body... Tell us yeah when she's better!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dnacer

Molly said...

Benji Boy ! U've been tagged again! Visit my blog to know more :D

*Sasha* said...

hey benji and jessie,
how are you two doing? feeling better?