*Woof woof* and *lick lick* everyone! Welcome to my blog! My name is Benji and I am a Salt&Pepper Miniature Schnauzer. Wanna know more about me? Then visit my blog often okay? *Lick*

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Waiting Game...

Another few pictures of me waiting patiently for my dinner... Mom, I think it's time you teach me something else. If not, I will be falling asleep soon while waiting for dinner... yawn***
PS: Notice my eyes are kinda blue-green?! Cool!!

Here are some pictures of me in my new big crate! Mommy decided to buy me a new and bigger one since I was already house-broken and besides, I am getting bigger and bigger each day! The old one was too small for me to stay in for 8 hours in a stretch! But it's great as a sleeping area though, coz it's small and cozy! Thus, mommy keep the old crate upstairs, specially for me during my sleeping/napping time.
Yesterday was a fun day for me, coz mommy let me out in the garden for half an hour!! I kept chewing the grass, leaves, anything I could find in the garden and mommy had a hard time catching me so that she could remove the things out from my mouth! Haha..mommy, I am so much faster than you! Altho' my legs are much shorter than yours but I have great stamina and super speed!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Mommy and I!

Here are some pictures of me and mommy taken by daddy! Yeah, I would like to look at the camera too, if only I wasn't too busy chewing on mommy's hair... But seriously, how do I look? *AHEM*
Daddy and Mommy tried their hands grooming me on Saturday. Somehow they didn't know how to clip my body hair and ended up only trimming the furnishings on my legs, cutting my nails and pulling hair out from my ears! Daddy was pleased with the results (coz he's the one doing the trimming on my legs) but mommy was complaining that the furnishings are kinda short and it made my legs look skinny. I guess I'm ok with it so my legs feel lighter now with less hair. Now, I can climb up the stairs faster than ever!

Ain't I smart?!

Mommy said I am a lazy bump but I beg to differ! I think I am smart! See, mommy always made me SIT, then DOWN and STAY before I can COME to have my meal. So, what I did was that I go straight to DOWN even when mommy said SIT! Like that, I saved mommy some time (and mine too..coz I was hungry already)! Ain't I smart?!
PS: Daddy thinks I'm confused!

Friday, 26 January 2007

Mommy's Happy!

Mommy was in a very good mood yesterday! Wanna know why? Coz I finally knew how to do the "DOWN" command! Yeah, I finally figured out that I am supposed to do the DOWN position all by myself and not waiting for mommy to do it for me. Mommy was dancing around and around when I first did the command without any help (Altho' mommy has to repeat the command for a few times before I get it..:p) ... Hehe... It's a bit weird that human get so excited over little things. Hmmm... But it's a good thing though, coz mommy gave me some treats as a reward. Cool!

PS: Yesterday was "Cleaning Ears" day..Urgghh...

Thursday, 25 January 2007

My cousin Max!

Hi all! Here are some of cousin Max's pictures taken when he was a baby! Isn't he a cutie, like me?

I have just found out a cool game to play with mommy. All I have to do is to climb up the stairs and wait for mommy to come and get me. See, I am still a shortie, so I can't walk down the stairs yet and mommy has to climb up the stairs to bring me down to play. Isn't it fun?! In a way, I can make mommy slim down coz she has to make many trips up and down the stairs. Haha.. And me, just waiting patiently upstairs for mommy to realise I was missing and came looking for me upstairs. Hehehe... :) Ok, sometimes this game backfires when mommy decided that enough is enough and left me all alone upstairs, waiting. However, I do have a special weapon, that is to whine and cry and howl with all my might. A 100% sure-way to get attention from mommy!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Updated pictures of me!

Here are two pictures of me, taken by mommy while I was practising my "Down" and "Sit". I still do not understand the "Down" part. Should I wait for mommy to help me to my "Down" position or should I do it myself?!?! Hmmm....

Another jab!

Mommy and Daddy brought me to the vet yesterday again and the vet gave me another of the painful jab. This time, vet jabbed me on my buttbutt and it really hurt my buttbutt! Ouu....ouu... I was howling and crying and screaming at the same time while trying my best to climb up to mommy. :( And worse, this vet didn't even give me treats unlike the previous vet. Hmmph!
Mommy said I had to come for at least 2 more times and the vet will do some testing to see if the mites are still around or not. If not, 2 more extra jabs... I was so glad that I could finally go home and rest. No more jab until next week!

Friday, 19 January 2007

My sleeping poses!

Aiyah, mommy and daddy so bad! They took pictures when I was sleeping soundly and now they want to post in online?!?!?! Oh, phew...lucky mom is only sending the sensored picture. Kekeke... I used to enjoy sleeping by my side but recently I had just learnt how to sleep like mommy and daddy. Yep, by sleeping on my back!!! You should try it out!
PS: One of the pictures was of me sleeping on mommy's lap while she was watching tv.

Mommy is leaving me!

Sobsob... Mommy is leaving me for two days! Heard mommy speaking to daddy about leaving for Terengganu for some company trip. How could she do this to me?! Mommy, please don't go.. coz I need you mommy!! Please!! Daddy needs you too, right Daddy?!?! You know how I will be if you leave me right?! Yes, I will be there, sitting and waiting until you return... :( This is going to be a bad weekend for me...

Thursday, 18 January 2007

I hate bath!

I don't understand why mommy needs to bathe me so often! It's not like I am dirty or anything! I am an indoor dog and I play indoor as well. Ok, occassionally I do play in the garden but I am still very clean. Why, mom?! I really hate bath-time! Mommy and Daddy made me soooo wet and I looked so thin and tiny when my hair's wet... Not handsome and cute at all! And Daddy even said that I looked like a big size Chihuahua! What?!?!?! Personally, I think bathing should just be once a month, or even better, once a year! Or best, never ever!
Okay, okay, I do admit I look and smell nice after bath, but I really don't like water much. Maybe if daddy and mommy bathe me with yogurt and milk or something like that, I might enjoy it. :p

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Pictures of my after the K9 day!

Hi! Here are some pictures of me taken during the car trip back after the K9 day! I was so tired and all I can do was to rest on mommy's lap, enjoying the air-cond and listening to music!

Ear infection... :(

Daddy and Mommy brought me to the vet yesterday. The vet is a nice lady and she was very patient and kind to me. Dr said that I had a mites infection in my ears (that's is why I can't hear you when you scold me, Mom!) and some yeast infection on my belly. Mommy and Daddy were quite surprised coz they just cleaned my ears about 3 days ago and everything was fine then. Dr. said that I might be getting the infection from other dogs or even grass. I hope daddy and mommy will still allow me to go for dogs's event after this. Mommy told Auntie Mindy not to have cousin Max to come visit yet until I am cleared of all the mites and yeast infection. (Darn!) Nice Dr. said that I will have to be jabbed for 3 to 4 times weekly until the mites infection is gone! Those are painful jab you know? They are some oil-based jabs and sort of went under your skin. I was at first ok with the jab (it was kinda prickly) but a few seconds, I started to feel all the pain. I clutched tightly to Mommy and Daddy and whined softly ( I didn't want the Dr. to think I am such a baby...). The Dr. also helped to clean all the wax in my ears. Yucky! I was so glad that I could finally go home. Before I left, nice Dr. said I am very well-behaved puppy and both mommy and daddy were so proud of me! Mommy bought me a new toy as a reward! Yeah! Thanks mom!
PS: I weigh 3.2kgs now! Two months ago, I was only 1kg. Hehe...

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Yahoo! I did it!

Yeah! I finally knew how to climb up the stairs! Now, I don't have to wait patiently downstairs for mommy and daddy to come down but instead I can follow them up. Sometimes, I am even faster in going up the stairs than both of them... But there is this tiny problem, I don't know how to go down the staircase. Anyway, mommy won't let me coz she said I was too tiny and might fall and break myself. Mommy said she will only let me when I am bigger and stronger, so for the time being, I am enjoying myself being carried downstairs by mommy every morning. Hehe. At the same time, I will be licking mommy on her chin to tell her "Thank you!"
Auntie Mindy said that she will be bringing Max for a visit and then we could go for a walk together. I really can't wait! The last time I saw Max, he was a huge beagle and I was so small then (I was only 3 months old!). Now that I am taller and older (actually, I am only 4 months old,but anyway...), I think we could have real fun now!
PS: Mommy will be bringing me to the vet today coz there are some red spots on my tummy and mommy & daddy are worried. I hate going to the vet! The last time I was there, I was being jabbed by the vet!

Monday, 15 January 2007

Some of my pictures...

Here are some pictures of me wearing the FBI t-shirt which mommy bought me. Of coz, you can't really see the t-shirt coz of the way daddy took the pictures. But still, how do I look? Mommy can't stop giggling when she saw me in this and Daddy said I looked smart! :)

K9 Day 2007

Mommy and Daddy brought me to K9 Day yesterday and it was sooo cool! I gotta meet a lot of furry friends of all sizes and colours and types. But to tell you honestly, I was kinda nervous as this was my first outing and I wasn't accustomed to seeing so many dogs. You might think I am exaggerating but some of them are sooo huge that all I can see is their huge paws. Woah... Some of them were sniffing me and I was petrified! Mom kept telling me to enjoy myself but how do you enjoy yourself when there are giants walking everywhere?! Some human took pictures of me and said that I was so cute. Hope that they get good pictures of me. :p
Daddy was having himself a blast by taking pictures of cute furry friends taking part in the beauty contest. As for me and mommy, we made some new friends. I finally got the chance to meet Sasha and Sze Ern in person. They are so pretty and cute with their ribbons hanging on their heads. I saw Amber, Faith and Chloe participating in the beauty pageant but I didn't get to know who won as I was busy exploring other areas after that. All in all, it was a tiring day for me and mommy had to carry me to the car park. I rested quietly on mommy's lap the whole journey back and went to sleep once I reached home. Really hope to have more outing next time...

Thursday, 11 January 2007

I'm gonna have a girlfriend/sister!

Mommy told me that the nice lady who groom me (until I look so handsome now.. hehe..) has gotten her family a female Mini Schnauzer from the same breeder where mommy got me. Nice lady suggested that maybe she could be my girlfriend one day when she gets older. Cool! I don't even have to waste my time looking for a gf. Hehe. But mommy said that she could be my little sis from a different littre. Hmm... anyway, no matter what, I will either be having a gf or a sis. Which, to me, is great news!
PS: Daddy is finally free this Sunday! Yeah! Now we could go to the K9 day as a big happy family!
I have also posted some cool pix taken by the nice lady who groomed me last week. How do I look?

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Some pictures of myself at 8 weeks old!

Hi all... mommy said she wanna post some of my earlier pictures here. Mommy took those when I was just 8 weeks old and I must admit I didn't look as handsome as I am now. Hehe. Still, a lot of people kept commenting that I look tiny and cute so...here they are now...

I have a dream...

I had a nightmare this early morning at 5.40am! I dreamt that big, noisy plastic bags are chasing after me and I can't find my mommy and daddy! In my dream, I kept barking loudly at the plastic bags to stop them from coming near me and of all a sudden, I heard mommy's voice and realise that I was only dreaming. Mommy looked shocked but quickly came to me and sayang me. Daddy also woke up from all the noises and came shortly after mommy. While I was awake, I went to the toilet to pee. Mommy praise me for being a good boy... :) Woof!

My First Entry!!

Woof woof everyone! Welcome to my blog! Mommy said that I should have a blog for myself so that I can share with everyone the story of my life. Mommy is still new to this blog and still is confused as to how to post and so on... so, we are both learning together how to post things up here. Hehe... Mommy, you can do it!
Anyway, let me introduce myself first. My name is Benji but mommy has other names for me as well. Sometimes she calls me Benji Boy or Handsome Boy and very often Good Boy. I don't know what it means but I hope it's something good. I am now 3.5 months old and had all my jabs already. Mommy said she can finally bring me kaikai around my house. I have always been indoor as mommy is afraid that I might get sick outside. Overall, I am a good boy and I know how to peepee and poopoo in the toilet now (altho' sometimes I like to do it in the living room..hehe). I also know my sit and stay and come but only when there is food around. Hehe. I enjoy chasing mommy and daddy, biting their fingers and newspapers but I am afraid of pails and noisy big plastic bags. :p